Our Story

Born in the eighties and experiencing significant historical challenges, including 9/11, economic crises, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Jamie DuBose-Johnson embarked on a journey to keep her family mentally, emotionally, and physically resilient during these uncertain times. Unable to find elderberry supplements, she took matters into her own hands, creating the Elderberry Elixir and giving birth to JLD LifeStyle.

Driven by the positive impact on her family, Jamie expanded her product line to include various elixirs, herbal teas, and natural body butters, transforming JLD into more than just a brand; it's a complete LifeStyle.

Meanwhile, Jamie's decision to become a health coach was fueled by a deep desire to help her family and friends lead healthier, thriving lives. As a health coach, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to assisting clients in developing sustainable strategies for life changes that enhance overall wellness and daily quality of life. Her approach emphasizes understanding the intricate interplay between food and lifestyle and how they impact health, while also fostering awareness, recognizing connections, identifying patterns, shifting limiting beliefs, cultivating growth mindsets, and offering strength-based support throughout the journey.

Her creative process begins with a cup of JLD LifeStyle’s Hibiscus Chamomile tea, keeping her relaxed and grounded as she dedicates herself to promoting healthy living in individuals and families. Jamie's unwavering commitment to quality is evident as she eagerly shares product samples with her tribe, who provide invaluable feedback to ensure the products are just right. JLD LifeStyle embodies the ultimate mind, body, and soul lifestyle indulgence for everyone.