Our Story

Eighties baby Jamie DuBose-Johnson has been living the millennial experience from 9/11, to economic crashes, and now the Covid 19 Pandemic. It was in the time of the pandemic that many had to figure out the best ways to keep their families strong, whether mentally, emotionally, or physically. No one knew what to do or how to handle this new virus. Do we treat it like the flu? Do we run to the hospital like its pneumonia? Having a strong immune system is what was necessary to fight this complex illness.

When Jamie’s husband tested positive for the virus in early April 2020, she raided the shelves of pharmacies and health stores for the vitamin C saturated supplement elderberry, but she couldn’t find any. This is what officially birthed JLD Lifestyle, as she began making her own Elderberry Elixir.

The more research she did, the more elixirs she concocted. She continues to be inspired by the results of her family. Many in her tribe have been stricken with the virus, but they have barely been affected, thanks to the daily elixirs.

Before getting to work Jamie likes to have a cup of JLD LifeStyle’s Hibiscus Chamomile tea. “The savory flavor keeps me relaxed and grounded,” she says. Next, she begins her process of creating the products that she
believes is setting the tone for healthy living in individuals and families.

The JLD Lifestyle line consists of more than elixirs. Jamie creates natural body butters and is a certified Zumba instructor as well... hence why JLD is not just a brand, but is indeed a lifestyle.

At the end of a creating session, Jamie eagerly sends samples out to her tribe, who have no problem telling her, too sweet, too strong, too bitter, too soft, or just right.

JLD Lifestyle is a mind, body, and soul lifestyle indulgence for the people.